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(905) 507-0024

Thank you Looks after Completing My Medical Laser Diploma I landed a position at a clinic very quickly the training and People are Great Thank you Looks!!
Coming from Trinidad and Completing my Training at Looks allowed me to expand my clinic and Service menu I also arranged for equipment to be sent to Trinidad doing Great Thank you, L. Ramessar

After My Training I have been moving back and forth from my New MediSpa in my native Kenya Thank you Thank You Thank you the Program and people were a blessing. P. Mbuthia

I take any Programs seriously. The Advanced Medical Laser Program was great, Great Treatments Training Equipment and know how. Thank you Looks. I. Johansson,
Former Fashion Model and Film Producer and Photographer

Taking the Medical Aesthetics course at Looks Aesthetic Academy was a great learning experience. It broadened my knowledge and interests in the field of study of skin care and laser technology. With the help from my teacher Asima and directors Peter and Paul, they were able to give me the best guidance on achieving the highest results within the course and after my training. I was able to gain lots of hands on experience along with regular written testing's of my knowledge which was beneficial. I am now working at a dermatologist office called Dermetics as a cosmetic coordinator and am enjoying the industry more everyday! Gabriella Capobianco

Loved the Program!! Working at a Leading MedSpa within a Month up to date Clear Professional Training Program, Quick 3 Month Diploma without the Filler Just on point Direct training. A. Abo Ali, Mississauga

Thank you, Looks Aesthetic Staff, I was able to utilize my skills to open My own Med Spa Laser Clinic in Oakville! as a Newcomer to Canada this is a dream come true! Thank you, Aphrodite Spa, Oakville

As a Registered Nurse I searched for a comprehensive Medical Aesthetic Laser Program that is current and Specific and up to date. Looks Aesthetic Academy's 3 Month Diploma was perfectly suited for my needs. I found a position prior to completing my studies at Private Practice. Thank you, Looks Staff! Heather Bouchard, Toronto

We have hired 2 Grads and always looking for more, at Body and Soul we require Professional Trained technician's in our fast paced environment Looks Delivers Thank you, Peter P.,
Owner Body and Soul Medi Spa
Streetsville, Ontario

When it came to staff training I looked to Looks Aesthetic Academy as an Aesthetician for 20 Years I have the highest standards that's why I sent my daughter and have referred many over the years. Lezah Clinic at Stage West
Hazel Currie, Owner

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the program at LOOKS. Asima was an amazing instructor!
When being educated on something relatively new, I often leave feeling not so sure about my ability to do what I was taught. After leaving on Saturday, I feel 110% confident going into any clinic/spa and jumping right into work.
Asima was awesome for letting us have hands on training, and is an absolute well of knowledge... she never didn't know something! She was incredibly helpful and encouraging!
Thank you so much for an awesome program! Cassandra Anez

Very Professional Training on all aspects of Laser and Medical Aesthetics for my Staff. Kim Dicanna
Lasair Laser Clinic, Aurora

The Only Aesthetic School I refer to for Colleague's Friends and Family Peter is a very Honest Reliable knowledgeable and Professional. A. Ho, Owner,
Permanent Beauty, Toronto

I was looking to expand on My Make up and Hair with the Medical Aesthetics and Laser Technician Programs. Very satisfied also purchased equipment for my growing clientele. S. Pappas
Stavs Aesthetics

Hi Asima, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your help. My skin is looking much better and I'm feeling better about myself. I'm thinking that I'll come back in 5 months and do one more peel.

Thanks again and take care, Bianca

When it came to hiring Laser Technicians we hired not 1 but 2 from Looks Aesthetic Academy. They are great. We are currently looking to add a third and of course called Looks to see if they can fill our spot. Lilianna Fass, President
Lilians Laser Clinics

Just a note to the staff at Looks Aesthetic Academy. Thank you for Veronique she is amazing and I thank you for her. She is working out fabulously. Professional courteous to clients I could not have asked for a better Technician. Katie Rietta
Skin Deep Photo Therapy, Mississauga

I want to THANK YOU for all that you did for Laura and I. I really feel rejuvenated and ready to go back to work after my accident. If you are ever out this way come and visit. Joanne Fruman
Eden Advanced Aesthetics & Training

Looks Aesthetic Academy has provided me with an education in the Aesthetics and Medical Aesthetics Program. I learned a great deal in class and was able to apply that knowledge throughout my clinical practice at the school. More importantly though, the support I received from my teacher and staff is what enabled me to go from being a graduate to working in the field within a few months. I now hold a position at a prestigious Dermatology clinic as a Paramedical Technician where my education and skills are tested and proven daily! Fuy-na Tse