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Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Mature student test.

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Medical Aesthetics

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with a detailed overview of best medical aesthetic practices for a salon and spa. It introduces topics that range from the technical to the soft skills required for success. Topics covered in this course are: Advanced Aesthetics Practices, Microdermabrasion and Skin Care, Facial Analysis, Non-Surgical Face Lift, Skin Peels, Lumicell Wave 6, Energy 900, Soli-Tone 2500, Vasculyse, Amino and Filaggrin Based Antioxidants.

Course Philosophy

In this course, it is expected that students will work to achieve a basic understanding of appropriate medical aesthetic practice. It is hoped that everyone will develop consistent best practices expected in salon and spa businesses. A focus of consistent/best practice and professionalism is emphasized in this course.

This Course includes the practical and theoretical skills including:

  • Skin Care Fundamentals
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Non-surgical Face Lifts
  • Peels and Peeling Agents
  • Cellulite and Fat Reduction Treatments (Lumicell Wave 6)
  • Accent (Skin Tightening)
  • Local Light Energy, Impulse Micro Currents, Local Photo-Stimulation
  • LED Therapy Treatments (Soli Lite & Soli Tone)
  • Vasculyse Treatments (including removal of skin tags, cherry angiomas, ruby points, milia, cholesterol desposits, capillaries and more)