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(905) 507-0024

Make-Up Application


  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Products, tools, and supplies
  • Make-up color theory
  • Assessing clients features
  • The color wheel


  • Client consultation
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Black and white photography
  • Color photography/film make-up
  • Glamour/evening make-up
  • Professional/workplace make-up with new airbrush techniques
  • Corrective/enhancing
  • Facial contouring/highlighting
  • Mature make-up for 40+
  • Runway/fashion make-up
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Marketing yourself as make-up artist
  • Learning to work with photographers/film/runway

Employment Opportunities

  • Freelance make-up artist
  • Salon/spa make-up artist
  • Bridal/special occasions
  • Sales/marketing make-up
  • Buyer/distributor
  • Photography/television/fashion
  • Modeling agencies
  • Cosmetic counter

Beauty Art™ 400 Dinair Makeup. Airtan touch ups.

The Dinair 400 Beauty Art is designed for the Dinair makeup application. It can also be used for facial and touch up tanning. The makeup goes into the cup on top. The makeup is gradually released into the airflow by pulling the makeup lever back slightly. It can be dipped in water, just covering the color cup between uses.  It connects to the air source with a light weight hose.

Body Art™ 3000 Full body Airtan. Hair designs and body art.

The Dinair 3000 Airbrush is designed to have the 1 oz. Dinair makeup bottle attached directly to the airbrush. The brush draws the liquid directly out of the makeup bottle and is perfect for body art where big areas of skin or hair are to be sprayed. It is an easy choice t use with Beauty Art Kits to create instant sun tans of with body art kits to create theatrical FX. The 3000 is also used in the Dinair Theme Park Systems, commercial entertainment makeup systems for parties, charities, and events. View Diagram

New permanent makeup program. Learning the best from the fest!

In the new permanent makeup program, you will learn how to begin your career in the well-paid field of permanent makeup. Through hands-on practice on live models as well as on artificial skin, you will learn safety and sanitization standards, effective analgesic techniques, advanced eyebrow shaping and coloring techniques, advanced application of eyeliner, use of color to correct lip-shape problems, color theory, color blending, camouflage, identification of skin tones, additional corrective techniques, and more.

Learn advanced techniques that will decrease procedure time, while increasing customer satisfaction. Master the art of camouflage, full lip coloration, eyebrow hair strokes, and much, much more.

Classes start monthly.
Saturday and private classes available on request.

Contact Admissions office for availability and schedules.
Phone: 905-507-0024

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