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25 Watline Ave. Suite 201, Mississauga, ON L4Z-2Z1
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We specialize in Laser Hair Removal and Intense Pulse Light Photo Facials (for treating age spots, sun damage, broken capillaries, acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, skin tone & more on both the face, chest, hands and other body parts). We train on IPL Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, Fractional Laser Wrinkle Reduction, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, Laser Acne Reduction, Laser Vein Reduction, Laser Cellulite Reduction, Laser Facials, Microcurrent technology as well as Dermal infusion technologies and advanced Chemical Peels. We spend the greatest amount of our time on the two most broadly used procedures, laser hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. The vast majority of facilities you will work for do their highest percentage of business in Laser Hair and Intense Pulse Light Photofacials. We want you to be the most proficient in the procedures you will be doing wherever you work.

We receive a number of inquiries from locations across the country seeking individuals with laser experience. As they come in, we distribute these to alumni. We will bend over backwards and do anything in our power to assist you in your job search or help you acquire the tools and information you need to start your own business. While no school in the country can "guarantee" you a job, we are confident our reputation speaks for itself.

The best of the best! Here is some background on the three primary pieces of equipment we use. Bottom line, we utilize the most reputable, fastest growing and most widely recognized manufacturers in laser/IPL in the country at facility. In addition, we are continuously bringing in a variety of other manufacturers equipment. We believe it is imperative to avoid training on lesser known, smaller company's equipment. Far more important then the equipment you train on is the skill sets you learn with regards to techniques and safety protocols. In your "laser lifetime" you will most likely use a variety of equipment and its quite simple to shift from one to the next, the key to success is your foundation of knowledge you learn that can be applied universally to all types of equipment. There are many different quality brands of equipment, and that is important but knowledge is the true power.

Having the opportunity to perform treatments in a state-of-the-art medical spa, on "real" clients is always an enormous advantage. Working in an atmosphere with laser technicians, nurses, and aestheticians within the activity of a true medical spa completely enhances your learning curve. When you attend LOOKS Academy, you will spend all your hands-on/clinical hours in our luxury med spa.

Yes! In fact, at our medical spa, we employ a young lady who does not have any background in aesthetics, and is an excellent laser hair technician. Many of our students who made career changes in their lives are finding the Laser Hair Removal/IPL industry to be extremely lucrative and satisfying. For more info click here.

Practical and classroom education in lasers and IPL is vital to being a successful and safe laser operator. Whether you are new to the business or have been utilizing lasers already, this class will benefit you. Stay ahead of the curve, get your certificate and training at LOOKS Academy, and become an expert in your field and you will stand out above your competition.

Laser Technicians work in a variety of professional clinic and skin care settings that are not limited to, but include:

  • Dermatology offices
  • Skin care clinics
  • Laser care facilities
  • Medical spas
  • Laser hair removal clinics
  • Plastic surgeon offices
  • Physicians offices incorporating cosmetics rooms
  • Destination spas
  • Day spas
  • And more

As the use of lasers infiltrate the skin care industry, it is increasingly vital that technicians using this advanced technology understand safety procedures for the well being of their clients.

Lasers emit highly directional beams of light that produce intense heat and photochemical effects. Industrial lasers are used for cutting metal and in a clinical setting they can be harmful when used improperly. When the use of laser light is not well-understood or monitored, exposure can result in permanent damage to the patients' eye and skin.

LOOKS Academy's training program trains in laser physics and tissue interactions before he or she can proceed in the program. This section will teach you the importance of safety, hazards and necessary precautions. You will also receive in-depth instruction on potential treatment setting contraindications.

We feel our two week course is exactly what you will need to be confident and competent to enter the marketplace. However, if for any reason after completing our two week course you feel you need a refresher on any of the modalities you trained in we offer didactic refresher courses just for you!