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Body Massage

Classes start monthly.
Saturday and private classes available on request.

Contact Admissions office for availability and schedules.
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Body Massage Theory

  • Sanitation and bterilization
  • Massage - the benefits, indications and contra-indications
  • Conditions generally relieved by massage

Anatomy and Physiology

Cytology: The study of the cell.

  • Tissues: Epithelial,connective, liquid, nerve, and muscle
  • Body Organs: Brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and stomach
  • Body Systems: Skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, excretory, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, endocrinal, and reproductive
  • Dermology: The study of the skin
  • Glands: Disorders of the sudoriferous and sebaceous glands
  • Terminology: Medical and aesthetic
  • Nutrition and and the skin
  • Tricology: The study of the hair

Body Massage Practical

  • Client consultation
  • Taking the client’s pulse in order to administer proper massage application
  • Petrissage (kneading movement)
  • Friction (Pressure stroking movement)
  • Tapping (slapping, hacking movement)
  • Effleurage (slow rhythmic movement)
  • Sensory (light rhythmic stroking movement)
  • Vibration (shaking movement)
  • Trigger (acupressure movement)

Aromatherapy Massage

  • Common conditions / case history treatments
  • Creating aromatherapy recipes for specific treatments
  • Indications / contra - indications
  • Body wraps

Figure Configuration

  • Body exfoliation
  • Body scrubs chest/back
  • Facials

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage therapy is a holistic treatment based on use of hot basalt stones to massage and assist the body in self healing by balancing body energies.

A popular treatment with clients and also with massage therapists, aromatherapists, estheticians, spa therapists virtually anyone involved with massage as they discover that the stress and strain to their hands and wrists are virtually eliminated when practicing this technique.

This wonderful massage therapy has its roots far back as the ancient world. Today, hot stone therapy is becoming widely known for its therapeutic and deep relaxing benefits. The technique involves placing water-heated smooth stones of various sizes on key points on the body or face. The resulting deep massage and sensation of warmth and comfort is not to
be missed.

The hot stone experience can relieve pain; promote harmony and balance within the body. The addition of aromatherapy and soft music to this therapy has an amazing effect on mood and heightens feelings of well-being.

Relax and enjoy the wonderful sense of stillness. Remember the therapy is all about you and the restorative benefits it has to offer.

Consult our spa massage specialist about this therapeutic treatment.

Business Management

All important aspects of successful salon business management are outlined in this module.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing involves working closely with professionals for an agreed time in order to learn how aspects of the job are performed in a working environment. It can broaden the student’s skill base in customer care and understanding of management skills related to the salon and spa business. It involves the observation of specific esthetician skills as well as the day to day responsibilities for the safety and cleanliness of the work environment. It also provides opportunities for the student to interact with the Workplace Host and discover particular details about the field, such as the rewards and challenges of the service industry.

Student are required to observe and record their observations in the NACC Esthetics Skills Assessment Handbook while on job shadowing placement This skills assessment handbook provides a checklist for all the Esthetics skills and abilities required for graduation. Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary sign-offs in the passbook.

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