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Aesthetics - Program Overview

Introduction to Aesthetics

This introductory module outlines the history and evolution of the esthetics industry. The many career opportunities for aestheticians are explored. It also presents professional image, code of ethics and common courtesies related to coworkers and clients.

Bacteriology, Sterilization and Sanitation

A basic knowledge of bacteria, infection, procedure and guidelines to help aestheticians eliminate and prevent the spread of disease are presented in this module. Universal Sanitation procedures for the salon are covered as well as understanding MSDS forms.

Cells, Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

The composition of a cell, how it functions and cell metabolism are discussed in this module. The module also looks at cell anatomy and physiology to gain an understanding of the composition, structure and functions of the skin.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

This module outlines basic human anatomy and physiology including the different body systems and their relation to the practice of esthetics.

Advanced Anatomy

The skeletal and muscular systems of the human body are outlined and their relation to the practice of esthetics discussed.

Disorders and Diseases of the Skin

This module enables the learner to recognize common skin diseases, disorders and disturbances. It focuses on which conditions can be treated by the aestheticians and which require medical treatment.


This module outlines basic nutrition and how it can affect the health and certain conditions of the skin. It covers how hormones, allergies, medications and certain habits can affect the health of the skin.

Basic Chemistry, Cosmetic Ingredient & Product Analysis

The elements of basic chemistry and chemical processes are outlined in this module, as they relate to cosmetic products, their ingredients and various formulations. Various product forms and uses in the practice of esthetics are discussed.


This module outlines all aspects of conducting various professional facial treatments including: specific instructions on how to conduct a client consultation, prepare implements, products and treatment room, the ability to recognize and identify general skin types and specific skin conditions to determine the most appropriate treatment recommendations, classical methods of facial massage and facial step sequences.

Electrical Tools for the Aesthetician

The basics of electricity are outlined enabling the learner to operate a variety of machines and apparatus used in the esthetics profession knowledgably and safely.

Hair Removal

Both permanent and temporary hair removal techniques and practices are outlined in this module. Their effect on the skin is discussed.

Make-up Applications


This module outlines topics related to esthetics. It covers factors that can contribute to skin aging, various cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, and body treatments available in the salon or SPA.

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