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At Home Study Kit for Laser Technician and Medical Aesthetic is non refundable, all sales are final. Includes workbooks, shipping, USB data, and on line laser theory link.
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We have hired 2 Grads and always looking for more, at Body and Soul we require Professional Trained technician's in our fast paced environment Looks Delivers Thank you, Peter P.,Owner
Body and Soul Medi Spa
Streetsville, Ontario

When it came to staff training I looked to Looks Aesthetic Academy as an Aesthetician for 20 Years I have the highest standards that's why I sent my daughter and have referred many over the years. Lezah Clinic at Stage West
Hazel Currie, Owner

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the program at LOOKS. Asima was an amazing instructor!
When being educated on something relatively new, I often leave feeling not so sure about my ability to do what I was taught. After leaving on Saturday, I feel 110% confident going into any clinic/spa and jumping right into work.
Asima was awesome for letting us have hands on training, and is an absolute well of knowledge... she never didn't know something! She was incredibly helpful and encouraging!
Thank you so much for an awesome program! Cassandra Anez